What Is The Process Of Taking Divorce And How Much Time Does It Take?

There are several couples who decide to live separately and do not apply for divorce. But some want to separate legally because of several reasons.


It is better to seek advice from divorce solicitors in Swindon as there are many factors attached to the entire process. There may be financial/children/many other factor that you may need to consider.

What are the grounds of applying for divorce?

  1. If adultery has been committed by either of you, then it is still going on.
  2. An unreasonable behavior of any form, serves as a reason.
  3. Leaving either for some years without giving a good reason or prior notice.
  4. The couple has not been staying together for more than 5 years.

What is the duration of the process?

The time taken is different in different courts. It all depends on how very complex the matter is. Some cases may resolve in 5-8 months and some may take longer. Assistance from a good lawyer can help you reduce tremendous amount of stress. If there is concern for a child, then their schooling and age needs to be mentioned, as this might be a sensitive aspect.


The complete process and moves have to be documented in a professional manner. Once the paper work is done, it is inspected by a judge to decide whether the divorce should be granted or not. This may be a different decision that takes extra time to decide whether to separate the couples or not.

Though separation is tough and time consuming, it is better to involve professional divorce solicitors in Swindon in the process and take guidance.

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