Resolve The Citizenship Issues With The Assistance Of Immigration Lawyers

Obtaining citizenship is a legal right of the people who have come to Greenville SC for residential purpose, work or have married to a citizen of US. Citizenship rights enable you to enjoy all the rights as a citizen of the country where you are living. If you fulfill the eligibility for obtaining the citizenship, you can take help of any immigration attorney based in Greenville SC to apply for the citizenship. The immigration lawyers help you in dealing with the citizenship issues and ensure that you obtain citizenship easily.

Determine your residency status

Immigration law sets out the rules for making entry in US and how you can become the citizen of this nation. This law comprises of various types of federal codes and international treaties which can be better understood by the immigration attorneys. Hence, taking help of the professional immigration attorney can help you through the process to obtain the citizenship. Documentation process in applying for the US citizenship is an overwhelming process. You can reduce the hassles for obtaining citizenship by getting the services of immigration lawyers.

Steps to get the citizenship

Here are the general steps which are needed to be followed for getting the US citizenship:

  • Know if you are already a U.S. citizen or  you are eligible for US citizenship
  • Prepare and submit your Form N-400 along with the  other documents required for citizenship
  • Get your biometrics done to process the loan application
  • Go through the interview for citizenship
  • Obtain the decision for your application
  • If your application is granted, you will have to take the oath of allegiance
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